Ten of the Best TV Themed Slots

Given the sheer degree of television that is consumed every day, it is no surprise it has proved to be a cheerful hunting ground for game developers seeking inspiration. From crime scene procedurals to adult animation, and science-fiction to documentaries, the TV world has inspired the most successful slots however time. Come along even as we channel surf via the eight best TV-themed slots.

#1 Cash Collect: Gold Rush – RTP 95.62%

The Cash Collect series exploded in popularity in 2022, and which trend is about to remain! Merit to mix off original content and use of licensed material, the Cash Collect games have grown to be the “go-to” game for slots enthusiasts.

Cash Collect: Gold Rush brings the smash hit TV Show from the tv screen to the casino lobby. The 5×3 slot has 30 pay lines along with a max win of 500x. It has also contributions within the show’s main characters over the special features, which helps you to seamlessly transition the TV show to everything about slots.

#2 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – RTP 95.18%

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation would have been a behemoth of a show, that spanned over 800 episodes and 38 seasons, and numerous game titles across its various incarnations. Given the original show was set during the legendary capital of gambling, Las Vegas, it is perhaps understandable it also inspired a slot!

The slot takes obvious inspiration from the world of law and order, so to perform see police badges, handcuffs, and fingerprint equipment amongst the symbols. Furthermore, the bonus rounds double down over the CSI theme. Important different bonus rounds are Crime Lab Free Games, Trace Evidence, and Crime Scene Pick Bonus which fans on the show will certainly enjoy!

#3 Game of Thrones – RTP 95.07%

There may be barely you globally who didn’t get caught up in Game of Thrones mania. Rarely contains a tv series captured the eye of more and more people and stay the subject of endless hours of barroom and water-cooler chat. The HBO smash hit finished in 2019, but the world of the Game of Thrones lives on in the different spin-offs the show has spawned. For avid fans of the original, the Game of Thrones slots is here to get you dealing with the show for a second time!

Usual leading families within the show – the houses of Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen -are represented, in addition to the Iron Throne along with the famous GoT logo. More exciting than this, however, will be the gameplay. This Microgaming slot that’s 243 pay lines, as well as fun free spins inspired by every one of the four leading families within the show.

#4 Narcos – RTP 96.26%

Narcos became an example of Netflix’s biggest hits when it was already released in 2015. The sleek show transported us to 1970s Colombia along with the ongoing battle between Pablo Escobar and the American police agency, the DEA.

The slot inspired by its TV show is equally as stylish, featuring its comic-book animation perfectly crafted to generate a wonderfully atmospheric experience. As you can expect, the gameplay can be explosive because of the show – there’s a drive-by special feature to go in addition to the highly volatile game mechanics! However, unlike the show, it is the DEA agents that it is advisable to capture as Murphy and Peña’s symbols are the highest valued symbol.

#5 Vikings – RTP 96.05%

At the same time they announced Narcos, NetEnt also announced the build will be bringing a Vikings-inspired slot with the masses. Very much like Narcos, Vikings offers 243 pay lines, and a generous RTP along with the main characters within the show are well represented over the reels.

Floki, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ragnar are usually present and land inside of a slot that feels epic. The ‘V’symbol within the show is one of the rewarding symbols, while in addition there are Raid Spins along with the Shield Wall feature.

#6 Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!! – 96.14%

Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub is the one animated show on our TV slots list. For anybody keen on the show, this is an unusually familiar experience. The animations and voices are lifted straight within the show and so forth of Rick, Morty, Mr. MeeSeeks and Pickle Rick are in their full glory.

A game is as rapidly paced and exciting because of a show, and it’s also absolutely full of features. The developers, Blueprint, are considered to be fond features found somehow squeezed fifteen into the bingo! Strikes will have you spinning spaceships, aiming for portal guns, and chasing lasers as you are trying to land the 50,000x maximum win. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub indeed!

#7 Star Trek: The Next Generation RTP – 95.5%

Star Trek is the single most legendary TV show ever, boldly going where no man moved before! The show’s back catalog stretches go back over 50 many would take you 650 hours to enjoy! The Next Generation was the single most popular installment of the franchise, giving us characters that include Data, Captain Picard, and Geordi La Forge.

You will meet every one of these characters over the slot inspired by its TV Show, in addition to the Starship Enterprise along with the Star Fleet insignia, giving fans on the show instant familiarity. Aside from these stylish symbols, there’s also the chance of taking home a maximum win of up to 25,000x which would surely be worth noting during the captain’s log!

#8 Cash Collect: The Walking Dead – RTP 95.72%

We complete our menu of TV-inspired slots even as we began – using the Cash Collect series. The Walking Dead is a phenomenon with captured the imagination of millions for over a decade. Each week were wholly picked up the exploits of Rick, Shane, and Maggie since they handle foes – both living along with the dead!

The achievements of the show have inspired many different slots from Playtech, along with the Cash Collect installment as the latest offering. Being a Cash Collect game, this offers four fixed jackpots, three different Cash Collect free spins features, and a second fantastic experience! The Walking Dead has become the best slot during the Cash Collect experience and is the one other home run from Playtech.

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