How to Play Teen Patti: Rules and Strategies

For anyone unfamiliar, Teen Patti might seem such for instance a chaotic, hard-to-comprehend game. However, the stark reality is that it’s a bright, colorful, fun game that’s relatively easy to play, but perhaps harder to master!

Here we examine the Teen Patti rules, their cultural significance, and how Teen Patti Live might have even improved upon its offline predecessor.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a remarkably popular card game, most commonly played in India and Indian communities across the world. The overall game itself is considered to have its origins in Europe because it strikes a strong resemblance to the British game “Three Card Brag”

Although there is no confirmed record of when Teen Patti stumbled on prointonence in India, it is assumed that Three the Card Brag was introduced by the British when they very first landed in the united kingdom in early the 17th century.

Teen Patti can be referred to as “Indian Poker”, as traditional poker has had a clear influence on the Indian variant. Teen Patti rules likely might have evolved from both Poker and Three Card through the years, decades, and centuries that have followed and are currently recognized as a stand-alone game.

The Cultural Significance of Teen Patti

In present-day India, Teen Patti is played amongst friends and families and all generations. This is particularly true during religious festivals such as Diwali, when Teen Patti is believed to have great importance, not just in bringing generations together, but in addition as a way to instruct younger generations about religion. During Diwali, Shiva is even believed to bless people who gamble on Teen Patti!

Per month ahead of the Hindu festival of Janmashtami, people also celebrate by playing Teen Patti – although for slightly different reasons. People who celebrate Janmashtami, do so in tribute to Lord Krishna’s birthday. It’s believed that Krishna rid India of taboos such as gambling and alcohol, except during certain periods in the calendar. As a tribute to Krishna, people will gamble and play Teen Patti through the month just before his birthday. When the festival of Janmashtami begins, the gang will stop, and “normal” society resume.

How To Play Teen Patti

Among the reasons for Teen Patti’s evergreen popularity is how simple it is to play. To play Teen Patti, you’ll need just three to six players and a standard 52-card deck. You are also going to need to bring a significant quantity of bluster; an inherent talent for bluffing is almost a pre-requisite!

Needless to say, bluffing is a commonly used strategy in poker as well as in Teen Patti, and the 2 games share other similarities as well. Players have a buy-in, referred to as an ante, and the pot can be raised as the overall game continues. Needless to say, people who improve the stakes might be bluffing, but there is always an opportunity that they truly have a strong hand, therefore it is important to be mindful when calling bets!

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is not a difficult game to understand. In reality, it is probably among the easier card games to comprehend. Needless to say, you can try to jump straight in on the action and learn the overall game “on the job” However, we would suggest that there are some Teen Patti rules that you ought to have at least a fundamental grasp of before you take a seat to play.

The Deal

The play begins by deciding who could be the dealer. Each player will draw a card from the deck and the player with the best best-ranked could be the dealer. Players will post their ante and the dealer will deal. Cards are dealt clockwise from the dealer, and each player will receive three cards. All three cards are dealt face down.

Hand Rankings

When it comes to the ranking of different hands, the influence of poker on Teen Patti becomes apparent – even though the overall game is played with just three cards! The hand rankings are below, from strongest to weakest:

  • Trio (Three of a Kind)
  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)
  • Sequence (Straight)
  • Color (Flush)
  • Double (Pair)
  • No Pair (High Card)

Teen Patti card game hand values.

The Bets

Once the antes have now been posted and the cards have now been dealt, the action begins! Players have the option to either play blind (without seeing their cards) or see (seeing their cards). If a person decides to play blind, they retain the possibility to play seen later in the game. Should you wish to see your cards before betting you ought to be aware that there is a price! Playing seen implies that you have to bet a minimum of twice the minimum stake, whereas blind players just need to bet the minimum.


The sideshow adds some spice to the overall game! That is when one seen player can challenge another to secretly show each other their cards. Once seen, the player with the worse hand will be forced to leave the game. The challenged player can accept or reject the duel. Only at that stage, the challenged player must carefully consider whether they believe their competitor is bluffing to avoid elimination.

Final Showdown

Through some sideshows and folds, how many players will eventually be whittled down to two – and that is when the last showdown can occur. Only at that stage one of many final two players can demand that the showdown occur.

If the opponent is playing blind, the player will have to bet four times the current bet. Conversely, if both players are playing seen then the bet amount is double. His opponent then has 1 of 2 options; he can call or fold. If he decides to call, then the player with the best hand wins the whole pot.

Teen Patti Live: Pair Plus Bet Pay-Out

In the Pair Plus side bet, the player can win if they hold a couple, flush, straight, straight flush, or three of a kind. What’s interesting in this side bet is that it renders the dealer’s hand irrelevant as this will depend solely on the hand the player is dealt.

Teen Patti Live: Mega Bonus Pay-Out

The Mega Bonus is the 2nd side bet available. Here, the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards are combined to make the perfect five-card hand. It is essential to see how the Mega Bonus bet includes a lower RTP (92.28%) than both the Pair Plus (95.8%) and regular Ante bets (97.74%). However, this side-bet comes with a potential maximum win of 2000:1!

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